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sour story

The story of Sour Truck begins in 2020. While on vacation, a group of friends discover the Amaretto Sour. A passion for sour cocktails arises.

Experimentation with different drinks led to the rediscovery of classic recipes. Recipes that are not enjoyed by enough people these days. Our mission was born.

The idea

Sour Truck was born out of a love for sour cocktails, such as the Amaretto Sour. Founded by two young and ambitious entrepreneurs from The Hague and Amsterdam, Sour Truck wants to ensure that the sours are once again in the spotlight.

By traveling all over the country by truck, we reach the largest possible audience to convey our love for these cocktails.

Het ontstaan

The Truck

It is our mission to let as many people as possible rediscover the pleasure of sour cocktails. It was from that thought that the idea for the Sour Truck was born!

We travel city and country by truck to shake our delicious sours.

At various festivals we attract visitors with our striking truck. 
We can also be booked for private or business occasions. In addition to sours, we also serve other cocktails and drinks according to your needs.

De Truck

Sours and more

A sour cocktail is delicious in its simplicity. Infinite variations are possible, and you can go as crazy a you like, but they all have the same base: liqueur, lemon, sugar syrup and foam. A dash of bitters can be added as desired, or the lemon juice can be substituted for lime juice. 

With the right proportions, however, the result is always the same: a deliciously sweet, sour, foamy cocktail!  

Read more about our experience and recipes in sour blog .

Fancy sour

Fancy a sour?

We are always available for questions about anything! Ask us about our recipes or services via  or call +31 (0)6 40358983. You can request a quote or more information via this page.

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